LAncienne Greece’

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A.S.I. is proud to offer you this extremely rare, vintage 1806 Le Sage Atlas. Le Sage, also known as Las Cases, made this 1806 edition of “Atlas Historique” in Florence. The “Atlas Historique” was one of three produced by the map maker, and this hard to find edition is not included in Tooleys Dictionary. The beautiful and remarkably well preserved maps featured here were copper plate engraved on sturdy, hand made paper. This large scale French map shows ancient Greece. Interesting features, including since changed boarders and little explored coast lines, make this map an valuable document. Surrounding the map is informative text in French providing facts about the area on the map. Details include the names of regions, notes on important discoveries, and identification of rivers and mountains. Each map is individually dated at the bottom of the page.

Size: 25 x 20 inches
Condition: Very Good-age toning, some foxing, very light off-setting, water stains in margin
Map Maker: Le Sage
Coloring: Original Hand Color
Year: 1806

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