Antique Map Collecting

If you are new to the world of antique maps and prints, we hope you will find in these few pages some interesting and straightforward background information, which will enable you to embark on a hobby which can be exciting and rewarding.

Maps The fascination of old maps and prints lies in the their unique ability to reflect the history of the world and times of our ancestors, as well as your own special interests. You can aspire to an exceptionally scarce and superbly coloured 17th century plan of the town in which you were born, or from which your family emigrated, or to an equally interesting view of the city you now live in, as it was 100 or more years ago.

All can be beautifully matted and framed, to provide outstanding wall decoration that enhances your home or workplace and at the same time gives endless interest and pleasure. What other legacy from the past is still available today at such affordable prices?

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Hope you enjoy.