English Possessions in France. France at the Death of Philip IV. (The Fair), 1314. France at the Peace of Bretigny, 1360. France at the Death of Henry V, 1422.

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The four maps on this sheet are: 1) English Possessions in France, 2) France at the Death of Philip IV (the Fair) 1314, 3) France at the Peace of Bretigny 1360 (The First English Invasion), and 4) France at the Death of Henry V 1422.We are proud to offer this wonderfully detailed map by Benjamin E. Smith. It was published as part of The Century Atlas, done in 1899. We believe the maps that were part of this publishing effort far outdo other maps in this time period. We don’t normally highly recommend ‘printed color’ maps such as these, however, a view of these maps will prove to you that they are unique in style, presentation and detail. They are visually pleasing and finely engraved. We have framed a number of these maps for customers and they look exceptional.

Size: 8 x 11 inches
Condition: Very Good
Map Maker: Benjamin E. Smith/The Century Co.
Coloring: Printed Color
Year: 1899

In stock

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