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This large-scale was produced for Rand McNally’s Commercial Atlas of America. The Rand McNally Atlas was unusual for its time because it was designed to be used by merchants and shippers. Because of this use for shipping this map is exceptionally detailed in that it shows many railroads, post offices, and small towns in existence at that time. A number of towns shown on this map have since ceased to exist or have been swallowed up by larger towns. This map is therefore the definitive reference for how North America looked at the turn of the century. Every railroad  in each state is featured in a table on the map and  each railroad is color-coded on the map for easy reference.   This map includes steamship lines and their routes of travel. Also on this map of Massachusetts is an inset of “Environs of Boston”‘

Size: 26 x 19 inches
Condition: Excellent
Map Maker: Rand McNally & Company
Coloring: Printed Color
Year: 1911

In stock

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