In 1967, the Beatles record label contracted Richard Avedon to design these incredible posters. Distribution rights were given to several different outlets in different countries. In the U.S., LOOK” magazine is where you could order your set with a pullout tab, and send away for your set to come in the mail for $1.50! They were also distributed in England through the Daily Express Newspaper and in the rest of Europe through “Stern” magazine. There was also a Japanese printing. All printings were simultaneous in 1967 and there were 4 different printers, one from each country that printed the posters for their respective publication. The Stern and Daily Express posters were similar in size measuring approx 19″ x 27″ while the Look version was slightly bigger at 22″ x 31″. This set of four comes from “Stern” magazine in Germany. They only sell as a set of four. The image associated with it shows them all four together, but they are 4 separate posters, each sized at 19 x 27. “