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Johnsons Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado, and Kansas’

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Near the forefront of the atlas publication industry for a quarter century was mapmaker and aggressive marketer Alvin Jewitt Johnson. Around 1860, in a transaction that remains somewhat mysterious, Johnson acquired a set of detailed plates from J.H. Colton, one of the foremost mapmakers of the century, and used them to print the Johnson atlas that was to find its way into homes across the country. “Johnsons New Illustrated Family Atlas” was first published in 1860, and today these maps have become prized collectibles and true works of cartographic art. The attention to detail and fine hand coloring of these maps make them some of the best collectibles maps from the 19th century. Fantastic map showing states and territories of the Great Plaines. This map shows Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado and Kansas, dated 1863. This map is similar to another map issued by Johnson, but is very different. At this time state and territory configurations were changing monthly, this map was issued in early 1863. Note that Dakota occupies most of Montana and Wyoming. Nebraska also extends west occupying much of Wyoming. VERY RARE CONFIGURATION. Map details western forts, cities and towns, lakes and rivers, wagon trails, railroads and proposed railroads, and Capt. Gunnison’s exploration route.

Size: 15.5 x 12.5 inches
Condition: Very Good
Map Maker: Johnson and Ward
Coloring: Original Hand Color
Year: 1863

In stock

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