This is a fine art lithograph. It’s an original work of fine art which was produced at the prestigious S2 Atelier in New York City in 1998. It was inspired by a poster first created in 1919.These fine art lithographs are recreations of the original. Great care was taken to precisely re-create the artists original image. Most of the chromists hand draw directly onto specially prepared surfaces that are then transferred onto lithographic plates. Lithography involves creating hand drawn plates, one for each color, which are then ‘pulled’ through antique printing presses one color at a time. The resulting lithograph is in pure color, as opposed to the dot structure which occurs in the photographic process of modern printing. At the heart of the S2 Atelier are it’s two rare, French made Marinoni Voirin ‘editioning’ printing presses ‘ they both date back to the mid 19th century. These are the best fine art lithographs made in the industry today. You cannot find anything better than these. The Horseman” created in 1919, is typical of the De Stijl movement, one of the major design movements of styles, including Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, Art Deco and arts and crafts.De Stijl, “the style” was the most cerebral and idealistic of the abstract movements founded in 1917 by the Dutch painters Mondrian and von Doesburg and the architect J.J. Pieter Oud. Mondrian wrote that “to create pure reality, it is necessary to reduce natural forms to constant elements of form and natural color to primary color. The aim is not to create other forms and colors, but to work towards abolishing them in the interest of a larger unity.”High-minded ideals of absolute purity, harmony and sobriety inspired all the De Stijl artists.”